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I was not put here by anyone in fear
I came alone as me
Just an idea in a long chain of discovery
Surrounded by the same you

Sometimes your tide pulls me out to sea
And I die in a thrashing curse
Sometimes we are kind
More often, I doze
So far up the beach that those who try to reach are burnt
alive in the searing heat of the desert of my dispassion
So far removed, I never hear the water
'Cept once or twice a month when I see a mirror

And I refuse to believe in some of the things that are said to be here
Let alone those that are not
I'm trying to change my direction
Ours is pathetic in my own humble estimation

I love the planet
The great benign she-wolf
Spinning gently on towards the red giant four aeons hence
When all the rose gardens are consumed in the flash-fire of flying time
She'll leave alone to you - Roy Harper

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This is my first OSWD template. So, feel free to use it. But you have to solve all of this <table> mess first.




Surely without war there would be no loss
Hence no mourning, no grief, no pain, no misery
No sleepless nights missing the dead ... oh, no more
No more war -Anathema

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